Move to Dubai from SA


Myself my husband and 3 kids are interested in emigrating to Dubai. We currently own a property company in SA.
Income between 35-40k dirhams per month, and we are looking to move to dubai and expand our real estate business in the UAE. We have family in Fujairah and Abu Dhabi but prefer to remain independent. We currently live in Waterfall in Midrand but due to the crime in SA we wish to start looking for a better environment.
We eventually hope to move to America, but feel we need to understand the international climate in Dubai first and setup the business there first.

Interested to firstly understand if the current income is feasible, good Indian schools do they offer the same quality of education as SA private schools, and where would be the best areas to consider renting.


Is it SA you mean South Africa? Yes it is very feasible. But do /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\ first before leaving that place.


Its a great place for Kids with cultural diversity

Dubai is safe and nice place to raise your kids

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