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Hi! I’m from Philippines, I’m currently holding SPass, but as a waitress. I applied for a new job as a teacher in a learning center. Is my work experience going to affect the approval even if I have teaching license and a bachelor of secondary education graduate? My application is still pending. It’s been a week and 3 days.

Thank you for the answers.

MoM takes education, work experience and other factors into consideration. It will all affect your application outcome.

Hi Mr. surya! I just work for 2 months in my previous company because I was unluckily fired by my Manager. my question is will I write in my CV?Will the 2 months be a factor for a pass denial?? thanks

It is up to you how you present your background in your CV.
But for a work pass application, MoM knows about it and sees job hopping as bad.

I just got my IPA and will be flying to Singapore in few weeks time. But I am still bothered if there is a chance that my S Pass Card will not be approved or rejected.

As far as I know, if you’re IPA has been approved, there would be no problem if your spass card will approved od rejected. If you’re IPA has been approved, the company will have you sign a declaration form regarding your MOM appearance. Not sure tho if the declaration form is for the appearance or spass card application.

There will be a problem if my S Pass card is not issued...I cannot work in Singapore :(

Anyway what is in that declaration form?

Letter that your employer can apply for your appearance at MOM.

Having an IPA does ensure work pass issuance in most cases, but it is not guaranteed:
- The border guards couldn reject your entry for any reason (but they usually don't, unless you carry forbidden items or appear otherwise suspect).
- The health check might show that you are not fit to work in Singapore (this is also rare, unless you have AIDS or TBC).
- Your employer could change their mind and cancel your employment contract before it starts.

@ niknok23
Please write your case in detail so that someone can understand what are you trying to convey here.

There are instances an IPA letter has been issued but later stage employer didn’t want to continue with the job role offered to the employee due to several reasons (e.g. freezes the job role or found a better candidate or found a local candidate etc.). Hence, they can request MoM to cancel the S pass.

I’m not going into detail about other possibilities like immigration issue or health check issue etc.

Hi! I would like to ask regarding our case. Because my boyfriend was applied for an spass and that time the company has a quota for foreigner. After a week of waiting, the hr called. That currently there's no quota bec one local resigned. It will affect the ratio. She called the MOM asked regarding the chance of approval. Bec that time when she applied for the pass still have quota. Now, we are still waiting for the result. Applied on 27th of march. Thanks for the replies.

Already replied to your query in another thread opened by you. Thanks

I am now scheduled for finger print and photo taking of my S Pass. Does the S Pass card contain your residential address in Singapore? Our company's preferred bank requires a residential address. My residential address in Singapore do not show to any of my records.

It doesn’t contain your residential information as for a foreigner the residential address can be changed anytime or not updated every time.

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