Most Dog Friendly area -- working in Millenia Business Park

Hello!  My wife and two golden retrievers will be relocating to Chennai for an international assignment (1 year).  We are looking for the best housing options for our dogs!  I know India is NOT ideal for them, so we are looking for the best we can do.  Leaving them at home is simply not an option.

Would you suggest a gated community?  Ideally we would have some room to take them in the grass for bathroom breaks and moderate exercise without fear of stray dogs causing issues. 

We've heard good things about OMR (we are both in our mid-twenties so social life will be important!).   Anywhere else you would suggest?  Not sure on the budget, but it should be generous as it is corporate provided housing. 

I am ok with a slightly longer commute time to work for the sake of our pups.  It will be hard enough on them, so anything to make it more enjoyable will be appreciated!

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