Looking for a Portuguese bank for your mortgage? AVOID THIS ONE!


We just went through a nightmare with a Portuguese bank that I wouldn't wish on anybody, thus my post. We might lose the house we want to buy because it took so long for this bank to give us a negative response. The name of the bank is ***. If you need details, please send me a private message.

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We had 3 rejections, took all banks over 5 weeks to decide to say No.  Things work a lot slower in Portugal. Got a mortgage from BPI in the end. They have also changed lending criteria in January..now even stricter on disposable income.

Hi, good to hear you finally were able to get your loan. We found a mortgage broker, much easier, they know all the banks. The bank I cannot mention really lead us on, the manager even called our seller to reassure him..... and then said no.

My advice to everyone is get a mortgage in principle before you look for properties.
Alternatively gear up your uk mortgage, but then you lose on exchange rate at the moment.

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