Transferring Iqama from Platinum company to Green Company


My current company status is platinum and new company status is green. My new company tried to sent request for transfer. But system gave error that this is not possible.

is there any way to transfer my iqama, please help me, because now i left previous company and have been given joining here in new company

Perhaps your new company has some other violations hence error.

I read somewhere, if current company status is platinum, and new company status is green, employee should complete 2 years with current company and i worked with my last company for 1 year. May be due to this rule, system is giving error. … tatus.html

We have the same case. So you started working already in your new company?

Yes, i joined new company.
My current company status is low green, that is why they are not able to take transfer form Platinum.

Dear how you join your new company from platinum to low green,
Please share the procedure

Earlier there was a limit for transferring employer without completing 2 years, Now its open, Even you are new you can able to transfer to other employer. … nsfer.html

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