Not enough SPass quota


Recently, I received an offer and the company said they will apply S-pass for me.  1 week later, they emailed me and said they checked with MOM and they had only 1 available SPass quota. They has an intern who has worked with them for 1 year and they tried to apply for an SPass for her as well, at the same time with me. And because there is only 1 slot, so they will prioritize her first. 

Are there any ways to get an S-Pass for me too? This position strictly needs someone who is able to speak Vietnamese and it's not easy to get any Singaporean or PR to able speak Vietnamese.

The only way to get an S-Pass for you at that company is to either hire more locals, or to fire another foreigner.
Alternatively, they could increase your salary so you're eligible for EP. There are no quotas for EP.

I have a master degree but my working experience is just about 1 year plus. Do u think if they increase my salary to 3.6k (which is minimum of EP), i can get an EP?

If your Master degree is recognised by MoM, then your minimum salary to get any work pass is above S$3600/month, probably around S$4000/month - you can check that with the online SAT tool. MoM does not allow foreigners to work on low salaries and thus distorting the market for locals.

I just checked. My degree is recognised by MOM but even when i increase my salary to 3.6k, I am still eligible for Spass only. I guess it’s because my working experience is not enough. I dont think it’s possible to ask them to increase salary to 4k.

I’m really sad now

S$3600/month is the minimum salary for fresh Bachelor graduates. With a Master and some work experience, you probably need around S$4000/month to be eligible.
Below that threshold, you'd probably not get an S-Pass either. (And why would you agree to work for so much below your market value?)

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