Marrying an egyptians

Hello..Am emmah from Kenya, working in Jordan. Am in a relationship with an egyptians man and he is ready to come in Kenya to meet my parents now the problem is that I asked him how they pay dowry in egypt but he told me he don't understand what dowry is. Yes he is not good in English but now am confused because in Kenya the man has to pay dowry to the lady's family before wedding or marriage.. .help me friends because I don't want him to waste his money and yet he is not complete to take me from my parents how can i explain to him? wich word can i use for him to understand

Dowry in arabic means  " مهر "  .....  it is pronounced as "Mahr".

concerning your question ; How they pay it in egypt , then i can say that there is no fixed rule ..... it vary  among families according to the social standards , or the financial abilities ....

another point , Dowry is for you "the woman" .... not to her parents ...... It is Not purchasing a wife

I would say he understands u very well.n should know he has 2 pay.But ur not a Egyptian so I don't think has 2 pay anything.Iam marryed 2 a Egyptian n Muslim but my husband didt pat my family any money.

the payment is not for the family ........... it is the right of the wife .

it is not according to nationalities ........... it is part of islamic rule of marriage ........

in some families , they don't pay dowry , provided that the man arrange the house with furnitures .

some other families , the family of wife use the dowry to prepare the house of their daughter .

so , what i want to say ; the dowry is not a price for purchasing a wife :)

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