Where to buy upholstered reclining chair and sofa

I have a son living in HU and would like to know where to buy upholstered, comfortable reclining sofa and chairs.

There are plenty of furniture stores in Hungary. You can search for the Hungarian "butorbolt" (i.e. "furnature store") at any search engine (search tip: Ignore the text results -- they will be in Hungarian. Just select to view the images till you find a comfy looking set that interests you).


But if in doubt.... There is also always Ikea. :)


Fetch the comfy chair! Very funny!!

Butor means furniture in Hungarian.

Overall in Hungary from what I've seen furniture is either expensive or made really cheap and still has some of that "Soviet style" . Most homes need the extra space so furniture is designed to be multi purpose. Storage boxes built underneath or pillows removed from couches to turn into a bed.

Been awhile but inside Mon Park Mall there was a nice furniture store, pricey but modern styles.
JYSK is a cheaper version of Ikea, smaller selection of items but  that seem comfy enough and they had reclining chairs.
Kika is another  mid priced store that has allot of furniture.

Ikea, Kika, many "butor" stores....
If you want used, there's are Facebook pages such as "Used stuff for sale in Budapest" (one example.

If you would like an overall impression of cost of living then either one of the following will be helpful, comparing where you are to here in Budapest:

As a single man, I spend about 25,000 Fts per month, not including my abnormally high red wine expenditures...

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