MMR vaccines

Apologies for this new thread, as I couldn’t find the old old one
Currently in Batam the MMR vaccines for children is unavailable until (estimated) August 2018, if your child has received the first jab Singapore clinics will NOT administer the 2nd Jab for at least 6 months, (Singapore takes same time scale as the UK and Australia) they will however sell you the vaccine for SG$96 / 960,000IDR

MMR vaccination is still a big problem in Indonesia so a new thread is a good idea, especially as this one covers areas outside Jakarta.
It is possible to find doctors with stock but you have to ring around a lot.
The old thread mentions a place in Jakarta but that might well be too far for you.
For readers outside Jakarta, run your phone battery down until you find one.
Tip - Look for place that sound Chinese and call them first.

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