Moving to Kenya

I am supposed to move to Nairobi to start a new role within my company. I will move with my family.

I have four questions:

1. What is the overall environment in the city?
2. Which are top level British International Schools in the city?
3. Also where can you find the best accommodation for living with family? Ideally near the schools mentioned above.
4. How is the traffic and driving habits in the city?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello Salman. 
I have the same questions . could you share the answers please . woyld really appreciate. thank you

Schools:  St Christophers (Karen),  Braeburn (Lavington).  Both areas are upmarket and have a good selection of properties.  Its a good idea to live close to schools to reduce the commute for the children.........see below!

Traffic:  Simply awful.  Driving standards are generally poor.  No one wants to give way to anyone else.  Rules of the road are not enforced and the road network hasn't developed in line with the increase in traffic.  Gridlock is common.  Its one of the most traffic congested cities in the world.

The overall environment:  not entirely sure what you mean.  Kenyans are friendly and welcoming on the whole.  If you mean the physical environment; Nairobi isnt really a 'walkable' city, due to distances, lack of footpaths and overall safety - you definitely shouldn't walk on the streets after dark (around 7pm).  Air pollution can be a problem due to all the traffic

Dear Salman,
Congratulations on taking a bold move to relocate!!
Kenya is a very beautiful country. We Kenyans are generally known to be very friendly and welcoming.
For International Schools, there are several namely;
Braeburn International School
Hillcrest School
The Banda School
Cambridge School
Strathmore School
Brookhouse school, among many others.
Most of thess are located in the rich suburbs of Nairobi like Karen, Lavington etc
It is advisable to live in areas around your intended work place since Nairobi traffic is crazy!!
For legal settlement papers and Work permit processing you'd need to speak to relevant authorities.
Otherwise, I hope you will have a successful venture and grow to love Kenya as many expatriates do!! Cheers!

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