Bringing in Sheets, Towels, and Kitchen Itens

GOD I have heard this for YEARS "You will not find quality items like ths in Costa Rica..Well let me tell you they are WRONG ...or more likely live in the Boonies

I moved here to the lush gorgeous Spring like climate in the  Central Valley  (Heredia Hills) 27 years ago..and opened  what became a well known Upscale Country inn for 20 plus years, .and being famous for my brunches /Not breakfasts, and having owned a well known Restaurant in Hollywood Cal.
I was Determined to fill my Inn with quality  items, like Inner-spring mattresses, and QUALITY sheets and Towels..and Being a professional Chef...never wasted the cash to bring all mine from home BUT FOUND EVERYTHING I NEEDED IN 3 STORES ON THE OUTSKIRTS OF SAN JOSE (Now available in HEREDIA  City.... My main source of kitchen Items, and dishware  came from the famous restaurant SUPPLY FACTORY CALLED  "TIPPS" there are several branches here now...
The other two quality stores with Beautiful sheets and towels came from 2 sources ..On on 10th Ave near Sabana Sur...and the upscale store of  Cemaco...The store I used was in Sababa sur also BUT wait for it IF you dare lower your nose to enter a  "Mall" there is a Lovely large Cemaco's in the Heredia Mall  which is designed like a castle,(as opposed to the ugly dirty mall in San Jose which crawls with gang members, looking for their Gringo 'Marks" ) Heredia Mall called the Paseo de las Flores (The footpath of Flowers" is filled with high end stores.not a gang member to be seen so no need to clutch your purse, but  not forgetting on the basement floor"restaurants..Besides the well used (In Gringo gulches ) the  Fast food Court junk food.UGH)
The other classy store with excellent sheets and thick fluffy towels..some I still have... towels  and Lovely tasteful rugs, is on 10th avenue  just passed Sabanu Sur and  the name escapes me I want to say Muswanni..but that is the bakery chain..but if interested PM me and I will jog my memory..
Also just to mention Our Mall (which ex- pat steve has expressed he has  an "aversion " to any mall...but Heredia mall is  also kitty corner to PRICEMART..(similar to Costco)where sometimes you can find quality cookware.
OF COURSE you will spend a little more on these quality items ut I will bet you would pay more to the Airlines for lugging your used ones here... and a real chef expects to pay more for quality cookware Yes? Just a thought
Good luck all you "foodies who hate using scratched teflon :):)

Totally agree that Cemaco offers excellent items, mostly imported from Europe.

If you live in a very humid environment, thinner towels may be in order as they can hang forever and you think that will never dry. Not everyone has a drier...

BTW, one of the best places to view a wonderful Christmas display.

Ditto ...but my guests want the thick fluffy Towels ..and I agree the Christmas display there AND  our mall is gorgeous eve if only driving by....LOL which I mostly do...

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