Intercultural relationships in the USA


We invite you to share some fun anecdotes and information regarding intercultural marriages and relationships in the USA. This will provide some insight to current and future expats regarding relationship norms in mixed relationships and marriages in the USA.

What are some of the best things about being in an intercultural relationship/marriage?

What are some challenges that you have faced or are currently facing? How do you address them?

Are intercultural relationships/marriages common and accepted in the USA?

What are the benefits to being in an intercultural relationship/marriage?

Do you have any fun or interesting anecdotes to share regarding dating norms and rules for intercultural relationships/marriages?

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don't get marry, folks

Yes it is getting in to the maintream right now.
I am married to an Asian lady and has been for years.
We really get along very well, albeit character wise we are just the opposite.
Perhaps thats one reason it makes it very interesting.
I was born in Sri Lanka and live in the United States and my wife if from the Phillipines and has been here for a very long time.
I have been to the Phillipines several times. The people what ever they have they will give you wholeheartedly with a smile. They are very polite and very respectable towards other people.
However, If you get on their wrong side, they just tell it to your face what they feel. Unusually staightward.  Most of us try to dilly daly with the point accross to one by not antoganizing ete.
They are very different in that respect.

smart choice but at the end we are stupid and follow the life rules hahaha


Im from Argentina and i marry a Chinese girl, the best things is to discover so many new things and differences, in my case Asian culture is more family oriented and traditional so o don't have many problems like being annoying me with a lot of shopping, going out, demanding a lot of things, alcohol, party and craziness of western girls hahaha my life is full of peace now

sometimes the language is a little stressing when she cant learn some things but just need patience

here in usa is very common at least in cities like miami, ny, la, that races and different cultures people is mixed

i recommend it a lot, just need to be open mind and patient, if you are tired of the same thing or didn't worked, you should try something new

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