Medical certificate for Belgian work permit


I need the medical certificate for Belgian work permit. I am currently staying in Nice, France and the list of certified doctors for the certificate in France is having doctors from other parts of Franc, not Nice.

Where can I get it in  Nice or any other southern region of France?


You need to get the certificate from one of the approved doctors in the list. No other way around.

while doing that, if it takes a little bit time and the visa process does not end before the joining date, can the company withdraw the offer? I already have the signed contract.

Give your new employer a headsup. Tell them this process may take a bit more time than expected. It is normal for companies to extend the joining date if the candidates have genuine issues delaying the joining.


I find your request really pitiful. You are ready to move to another country to work. But you are not ready to go a few kilometers to see a doctor living in a city other than the one in which you currently reside ...

And as I almost always agree with Aneeskhs and his analysis, I do not see why it should ask the employer to delay taking office for such a futile reason.

Thanks for your reply. Without being judgmental and feeling pity, you can also think the other way as well, like someone can be very busy with his current assignments and finds it difficult to visit another city within 1-2 weeks. Anyway, thanks again.

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