How does Mobifone credit works?

I've been topping up my phone 2 times (100K each time) in less than 2 weeks. I barely use my phone to call or sms. I only use it to surf net. I don't use it for games or watch video. Why my Mobifone credit run out so fast? Does anyone have the same situation as me? I've been very careful to turn off my data when I'm using wifi.

I always receive promotion sms from Mobifone and I have no idea what are those about. I wonder those sms took away some of my credit as well.

My 100,000 vcn seems to last more than a month. I use mostly Wi-Fi but whenever I'm outside I am using mobile data.
My GF tells me to ignore all those texts, but every once in a while, she sees on and must do something.
I think you must activate something.
Some of them are 50% offers, if you add money, they give you 50% more.
I think.

I'm sure someone will chime is who knows more than I.
Umm, I think even my cat understands more than I.
But don't quote me.

You need to send SMS to 999 to register a Data Plan/Package of your choice.

Best bit of advice I can give you is download Mobifone Next.

That tells you everything on a live basis, if you're using 100,000 every two weeks then you're either not using a tariff or a phone addict.

Better than being a crack addict, mind

I got this message back in December. I've never used it though, so can't say how useful it is:

"MobiFone Customer Care Hotline 9393 (with 5 different languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Khmer). Operator Assistance is available everyday from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM to assist with your calling needs."

Thanks for the help. I went to a phone shop and got it fixed :) I also downloaded the App to track my phone credit.

I hope some of you may be able to help with some questions:

1. I am travelling to HCM this coming May and need get a Pay As You Go (PAYG) SIM card that will give me a Vietnamese Phone Number. I need this to open a Vietnamese Bank Account. I will only be using my Vietnamese Phone(VPHONE) when I travel to Vietnam once a year. CAN ANYONE SUGGET A PLACE I COULD GO TO GET a  SIM CARD and PAYG Plan?

2. When I return to the UK and my PAYG plan runs out will my phone number still be available on my VPHONE when I return to Vietnam ( 6months latter) and Top Up?

Thank you

Kytain - Gary

I'm not sure about prepaid sim. You can get a registered Simcard pretty easy. They just need your passport. You can sign up and pay  for 1 year plan (from $40++/yr depends on the phone company). So you don't need to worry about running out of credit. :)

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