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Currently researching options for Orthopedic Shoulder Surgeon and wondering if anyone has experience or what the best options might be. Research thus far is tipping to Bangkok.
I need the best Orthopedic Shoulder Surgeon possible as my work involves coaching and instruction at an elite level.
Thanks for your input

You seem to imply ("coaching and instruction") that you are talking sports medicine.  It is HCMC but you might check this one out:  He is trained in Vietnam but did post graduate work in the US and speaks English well.  He highlights arthroscopic shoulder surgeries on his web page.  He treated my knees quite effectively using hyaluronic acid injections but I can't vouch for his shoulder work as that wasn't my problem.

thanks for the reply, yes I guess Doctors with a sports medicine background might be a good route to look into, many thanks.

Perhaps I misinterpreted.   What did you mean by "coaching and instruction?"  Were you looking for a physician to teach others?

It was, in fact, I am a coach and instructor and I have an injury to my shoulder which I need a reputable surgeon to fix.

Good luck.  I really think Dr. Anh is a good choice.  During one visit, he told me that  his real specialty is shoulders and he is well versed in arthroscopic methods.  When he did my knee injections, I could hardly feel the long needle going in as he hit the passageway between the bones perfectly.

Thanks will keep it in mind while researching. All best.

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