EP rejected then applied SPass by hoping it will approved

Hi guys,

I have worked as digital marketing specialist in Singapore on June - September 2017 (4 months). At that time, I had 3.5 years experience. I was an EP holder at that company. MOM rejected my EP application before though. My first salary offer was $4,500. Then the company appealed by increasing my salary to $5,000.

I was really happy to get the EP and start to work in Singapore. However, I was not happy at the company. I've got bad treatment from the management and I decided to leave. After that, I'm back to my home country (Indonesia) and working as a digital marketing consultant (freelance).

After 5 months back to Indonesia and keep trying to get new job in Singapore, finally I've got this offer from the new employer. I've got salary increment to $5,500. In total, my work experience is 4.5 years. They have applied new EP for me but got rejected. Again, MoM didn't give specific reason. We are guessing what's missing or what we should fix.

Yesterday the HR applied new application but for SPass. She asked me if I'm ok. Nothing changed for me as I will still get the same package. The changes itself actually for the employer because they need to pay the monthly levy. I am so grateful that they are willing to sponsor the levy. This company is amazing. I actually believe the HR since she is Singaporean (knows better about the country than me obviously). So I said yes go ahead with SPass. This company still has SPass quota.

She said probably it's rejected because I was serving at previous company in Singapore for short period of time and MoM tightening the requirements of EP. I have tried to find what's changed actually but only found the changes on dependant visa.

Now I am waiting for the SPass to be approved. I really hope to be back to Singapore again though. Just not sure if this way is the best solution. I was wondering if there is anyone who have similar case or what do you think about my case?


I think it’s wiser decision while applying working pass, tick for both (EP & S pass). Let MoM decide which pass you are entitled for. Chances are now 50:50. Good luck

Thanks, surya2k! Yeah I'm not sure the way she filled the application because I was not involved on that except giving my details. I hope I'll hear good news soon.

It is difficult to tell from the limited information you give (no education and work expüerience details) whether you are eligible for EP or S-Pass or not. You can use the onlione SAT tool to get a first evaluation.
Thre are also many other potential reasons for rejection, some of them out of your influence (company, industry, job market, ...).
Job hopping (leaving a job after just a few months and then starting another one) is definitely a negative aspect of your profile now. Don't do it again!

@Beppi - I am graduated from a reputable university in Indonesia. Marketing communication bachelor degree with 3.47 GPA. Have mentioned my work experience also there. I am over 4 years work experience. I have used SAT also. It said that I am eligible for EPass and SPass.

Yep, I also never thought to leave the company so soon. But I and couple of colleagues need to leave the company due to some racism issue and bad treatment from the company. This was obviously something that we never wish to happen. This new company is really fun, warm, and I love the team. The bosses also very loyal and appreciate the team members. I am planning to stay there for a long time.

If your university is recognised by MoM, you should get an EP. The salary is good fo your education and work experience. So the rejection must have been caused by something else. It is unlikely that that is changed by asking for an S-Pass instead.
Did you report the discrimination issue at your last employer to MoM. If you do (and can prove it), there is a chance your "job hopping mark" can be removed.

@Beppi - Yeah I was wondering why. However, my friend did job hopping (less than 3 months) and she has got new EP in one week only. Nah, I didn't report the discrimination issue. I am a bit scared because I was a newcomer to Singapore, clueless what should I do, and don't want to be involved in any trouble. So, I just decided to move on from that problem.

Anyway, since my HR submitted new application, I've checked the status now became "Pending inputs from vetting agencies. Expected outcome is 2 months from the Date of Application."

I've heard that if this status most likely my pass will be approved. I don't know if any rejection will get this notification before or not. Like just 'pending' to 'rejected'. I don't want to over hoping but I want to keep positive :D

No, this status is not any indication about your approval chances. Just an indication how long it will take.

My SPass finally approved! It took me 3 weeks 🙂

Then when will get IPA????

IPA has been issued along with the pass approval confirmation


May i know how your HR submit your Spass application. is it submitted as new applicant or as renewal?


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