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Hi there

I have been trawling through the web to try and find some information and came across this site and am really hoping someone can help.

I have a flat in Cairo which used to belong to my father who was born and raised in Cairo. Around 15 years ago my Dad put the flat in my name (I had to go to Cairo at the time). Dad continued to use the flat, travelling there a few a times a year from the UK (where I live). Sadly my Dad died recently very suddenly and my mum and I are travelling to Cairo soon to try and sell the flat as we will no longer need to go there.

I am looking for a recommendation of a good real estate agent that speaks English please if any one can help?

I am also going to be in need of a driver whilst in Cairo to get around (I remember the driving out there and would be terrified to drive myself!) If anyone can recommend a good company to use, it would be great.

Many thanks in advance

Good you should know that the prices of the properties raised after the  correction happened recently to the Egyptian pound against other currencies, about the driver you can get your driver and the car by Uber or any other company,be well

Hello oneisar

so sorry to hear about your father's death (may allah bless his soul )
firs t i would like to give you some points to be considered while you begin in selling your flat.

1- you cant trust a real state advisor , you can replace this advisor with some ads on the local news papers like EL Waseet , also you can make some ads on the internet in some sites specialized in this topic like OLX Egypt and AQARMAP this sites is very useful for you also you can search in the area of your flat and make comparison between your flat and the others near you with same number of rooms and baths and finish to get the real price of your flat and not ever get the price from a real state advisor.

if you need any help contact me.

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