Jack Russell looking for forever home, currently in Vannes, France.

Hi, a young girl I used to babysit for years ago (when I was living in Brittany) has a sweet tri colour Parsons Jack Russell; coloured head and white body. She used to live in a place with a garden but a couple of years ago or so her circumstances changed and she and her daughter and her pup moved into a flat in Vannes. She's also had a second daughter and is working. Over time the Jack Russell has been displaying signs of unhappiness when she's on her own during the day (pooping, winning,  being hyper active and being jealous). The young mum knows it's not fair to keep her and that her behaviour is related to the situation which is not practical nor affordable to change. My friend is returning home tired and wanting to spend time with her children and her youngest is at an age where she is putting anything and everything in her mouth on top of more general hygenine concerns. She's had not luck asking around locally, the French not being that into Jack Russells and also because she wants her pup's new home to be somewhere with a garden, older children (the dog has never been vicious to the children, it's just that's little children take up lots of time and the dog needs time that's is easier to give without toddlers) and the time to train, play and go for long walks.

Sadly she posted on Facebook sites and had some really nasty comments which are totally uncalled for as she loves her puppy dearly but knows she is no longer in the position to give her the input she deserves. I have no idea if this post is OK here but am mostly looking for ideas of where I could put up a virtual ad? She's worried about the dog going to the wrong home and for this reason doesn't want to send her to the SPA.

She is 2yrs old and is not spayed but has had all the vaccintaions and innoculations advised and been regularly wormed. She is LOF registered. 

Any ideas?

Thanks, Sarah

Hi Sarah,

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You may post your advert in our Pets for sale or adoption in Brittany section to get a better exposure.

Thank you


Ah, yes much better place...thank you ☺

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