Hi to all Canadians living in Sosua and Puerto Plata

I see that the number of Canadian expats in Sosua is growing really fast. I think we will call Sosua Canadian Village really soon:)

I just wonder whether you guys have your own spot to hang out. Some place (bar, cafe, restaurant or whatever) where you get together to share the latest Canada news, the elections, exchange advice and recommendations about your expat life or enjoy watching hockey games after all?

The reason why I'm asking is that my Canadian friends are coming soon to visit me. So I would like to have that option for them too just to socialize with their compatriots after a day full of different activities.

Thank you for any advice you may provide.

Hi I am Canadian planning to move to Sosua and buy a bar. I will be there in May so realize might not work for this trip of your friends but hope to stay in touch.

Also if anyone knows of a cheap apt. for rent for a month please let me know.


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