Matagalpa area -are there any car rentals?

Gwen and I are going to continue our retirement somewhere in Central America.  Matagalpa has peaked our interest, so we are now doing our research.  We have done many things in our 40 years together.  From medical laboratories to owning and managing resorts, a Napa valley winery, and high end ranch/estates.  We are ready to disappear to the sounds of the birds and howler monkeys .  We won't bother you with lots of questions.  Only one or two to get started if you don't mind. First question is, are you able to rent a car in Matagalpa or do we need to rent one in Managua?
cliff and Gwen

Yes Budget and Dollar both have offices in Matagalpa. I have personally rented from Budget a few times.  There are also a few local rental forms but I haven't worked with them.  A few things to be aware of with rentals here.  Usually a deposit of $500 - $1000 is put on hold on your credit card on top of the rental cost.  You need to inspect the car extremely well and Mark down every single dent and ding.  They will try to keep your deposit if there is ANY damage. Also make sure you have off street parking wherever you are staying.  In most parts of Matagalpa overnight parking in the street is prohibited.

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