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Well, presently living in the UK.  I have a desire to return to Switzerland in particular Geneva or Basel.  Applied for a few roles on line, mostly direct as I dislike recruitment companies.  Never or very rarely have they worked or know anything about the field you are employed, typically employs the unemployable so you get very poor service.  Well this one is just another typical example.  Called on Thursday, person had left and would not be back until Tuesday but was told to call the next day and speak to someone else.  Which I did, the elusive other person either was busy or did not want to speak so was told to send an email.  Which I did.  No response.  Ok maybe they are busy.  Called on Monday.  Again the elusive person would not pick up a call so emailed again.  No response.  Waited most of Tuesday and just called to be told they will not take the call send an email.  I explained that no one responses to emails.  I asked are  you open.  Yes.  So why can't I speak to either of the people as they are both in the office??  Giving up.  Despite my 15 years experience and 4th best business school in the world I have tried to be patient.  Perhaps I should set up my own company  and show these people how to be professional at work. 

MY ADVICE DO NOT USE THIS AGENCY FOR EMPLOYMENT.  I fear it would reflect poorly on yourselves and your chances.  I certainly will not give them anything in future once I am there. :mad:

Agree. Most UK recruitment shops are terrible or worse. Hobson Prior is the biggest offender among them. It appears their middle management gauges the effectiveness of their agents by how many calls a day they make. Whether those calls were completely useless does not matter. Once they have your number various 20 years olds are going to keep calling you every other week, so they can tick the box on their daily call log. Corporate internal talent acquisition departments are no better.  I dealt with a few. One at Phillips forgot to provide any info before my interview and then when I ask them multiple times about missing details they immediately started blaming some of their colleagues with whom I have never had any contact. It is bizarre world for sure. I wish I can get a job where noone expects excellency from me and I just show up in the office and breath through my mouth all day.

Sadly its a world wide epidemic of uselessness.  Yes they have degree's in media studies or dance but are not using them constructively as they can't find work in their field.  It beggars belief.  Spoke with 2 yesterday and honestly the one thought he knew everything.  I mean kid, you have a piece of paper (we all do), you have not had a real job yet.  Stop talking bull****and get some real experience.  This agency was in Switzerland I refer.  From a professional basis Swiss are very good at banking.  I just wish recruitment companies would hire someone who has actually worked in the industry they represent.

Contact agencies in Switzerland if you are looking for a role in this country.
Getting a role without agency can easily take you 3 to 6 months.
HR departments usually don't make quick decisions.
The employers in Basel, Geneva or Zürich are getting spammed with applications.
It could be faster to get a role in smaller cities.

Thanks for the advice.

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