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Hi All,
I,m looking for Expats living in the East Algarve area, we currently have a holiday home in Olhao but would prefer to sell it and move to a small villa somewhere close by, I,m just wandering about good areas to live in, we have only just started to think about a move so have not had much chance yet to visit other villages, anyone with opinions on villages close by, we would appreciate your thoughts.
Cheers Howard.

Hi, there has been quite a few threads on that topic.... the bottom line is that selecting a place to live is a very personal matter.... since you already have a house there, how about driving around Algarve since you want to stay "close by"? Get a feel as you visit the various towns and villages and the decision will probably make itself :-) Best of luck, this is a fun project!

Hi there, thanks for the reply, thats what we are starting to do, i just thought their may of been some members with a little inside information.
Kind Regards Howard

It would be helpful if you shared what you don't like about Olhao and what you are hoping will be different about a new location.

Sao bras De alportel is a good choice, nice unspoilt town, lots of amenities but not too big. Its about 15 mins from olhao.  Good variety of houses or apartments or places to do up. Definitely worth checking out. Good luck

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