SCE Registration membership suspended

Salam brothers ,

im asking for re-registration of SCE because my SCE membership is suspended can any one help me to how can i re-register i SCE . my category is Technician .

please help me if you know the procedure .

why was it suspended

i think my documents is not valid for registration

And now i want to re-register my status from SCE .

Visit Their SEC Office in your City they explain you what exactly is the problem or Call on their Helpline number

they well remove my old profile or not ??

i mean they well give me new chance registration ??

Same Problem here also
my membership also suspended
m finding the solution but not yet.
but my iqama will expire  on 2019 feb

Brother when u found any solution please share with me

thank you

Can you find any solution? I have also the same problem. if you have any kind of information kindly shear me. I am in trouble.

I applied for registration and paid 500 its three days pas not yet received ticket number.I want to know how much time they take for registration I called help line they said you will receive within 48 hours but yet not recieved.can anyone after payment of 750 riyals they will give me registration number immediately?and after registration number my company will get new iqama for me?and can I get permanent family visa after getting new iqama?

Anyone can help me to know
if our iqama suspended from SEC
in this condition we can take transfer to other company
before change iqama professional

Brother did you find any solution?

Dears, my profession is computer programmer and my 3yr  diploma is "Electronic and communication engineering" attested by all required. Will i face issue in SCE membership. My iqama going to expire soon. I have yet to register. Any ideas, welcome.

Bro have u find any solution if have the same ..

we cand do it 100% surely
no suspended our processing

I registered On dec 1 till now no msg from them. Just auditing in my account. and red in jawasat is there anyone can tell me how long it will wait/

Technician with diploma i register.

my Iqama position written as Computer Technician,
can you explain me, step by step process to register in SCE

I not registered yet

* Please note that registration with SCE is mandatory for those having one of the professions mentioned above. More technical professions are under way.

How to register as Technician (Diploma holder):
Upload the following documents to the SCE profile that you have created:
Attested diploma, both sides.
Authorization Letter, download from SCE website, fill out properly, and scan (click here to download the form).
Introduction letter from the current employer, attested by the Chamber of Commerce.
Copy of Iqama/Entry visa page in the passport.
Copy of Passport.
Personal Photograph (passport quality).

*Note: All documents are subject to verification from the issuing agency.

How to register as Technician (with no diploma or certificate):
Experience certificates in the field issued by the employer/s.
Authorization Letter, download from SCE website, fill out properly, and scan (click here to download the form).
Introduction letter from the current employer, attested by the Chamber of Commerce.
Copy of Iqama/Entry visa page in the passport.
Copy of Passport.
Personal Photograph

Hi, can anyone advise..
My profession is computer programmer...
I have completed with Information technology as one of the subjects.
Can I register it in SCE

After I register to on Dec 1, 2019 i received a msg from SCE to Pay the membership Fee for 200SR then i Payed after i received my ticket number and valid for 1 yr. But said that I will not Print Yet My certificate till the validation of my credentials. So till now am waiting.

But in my account two (2) check in marked Green Updated to Yaqeen & Jawasat. 

So i can renew my iqama right away even my credentials are for validation?

what is your Iqama position ?

Computer Technician

my Iqama position also like your one
Computer Technician,

How many days before I need to register on SCE website before my Iqama expires..

are you from which country ?
how to Attest my certificates
under which department, I need to attest my certificates in my country,

Please explain me, step by step process....

for this solutions contact me pm me

I can do prosses any problem SCE
Pm me

What are you trying to say...

Please contact me on

i submit all the necessary documents and i am  waiting for 2 weeks before its valid.

How can u help I have same problem.  How much ur service charges

If the applicant has been registered as member. An SMS will be sent to mobile phone requesting the applicant to pay the initial amount of SR 200.00 through SADAD (ATM or online banking system). Normally, the SCE took 10 days to verify certificates. In case you haven’t heard from them, you can call their unified number 920020820 to follow-up your application. Once audited successfully, the applicant will receive an SMS to pay the final payment depending on the category of your profession.

After the bill is paid, the applicant will receive an SMS stating that their profile has been updated at Al-Jawazat successfully. At this point, the applicant can notify his company government liaison officer regarding the development.

Dear member, your request has been approved but not yet final, your application will undergo a series of data flow verifications, assessment, until you are fully accepted as member. This process takes more than a month.

friend of mine, on his passport VISA written as labor,
is it ok to register on SCE membership...

please reply soon...

No Sir 1st you have to change your profession to engineer, doc, etc than you can apply for SCE registration

I applied for registration in SCE and thay rejected my application.
How can i re register my application.
And can the fees will be refunded or not.

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