Power outage after snowstorm

I just want to share this topic with everybody because it is quite astonishing coming from Europe.
I am sitting in my house since Friday last week without power. The whole life I have never experienced something like this.
I lived in the Black Forest in Germany for 20 years and we had strong winters, with snow and a lot of wind. I can remember, the storm "Lothar". But even then, the power was out for maybe 2 hours. But here, since more than three days.
And snowstorm was not really something dramatic. Some snow and winds.

The electrical power network is really weak here. They are far behind Europe with this. I bought recently a house here in the states. Before the next winter I will install a generator to have a backup source in place. In Europe just not needed (at least in Germany, Switzerland and France where I lived.

You are in the sticks, expect more of the same any time snow is accompanied by high winds.  The storm this Wednesday could cause more of the same.  When a hurricane Sandy hit in 2012 there was no power from Monday until Friday night in Bethlehem.

Considering infrastructure, severity of the recent storms up north and distances emergency teams have to work with - Lothar was a walk in the park.
I can only recommend a whole house generator. We had one tied into the natural gas system put in and it works like a charm including a/c and spa.
Portable ones - do your home work. You will have to run them on a regular basis and stabilize your fuel, be able to properly vent and they are loud. Not necessarily easy for a small person to position if necessary.
Glad to hear you are doing fine!

Finally yesterday night at 9 PM the power came back. I was really happy about it. Because, no power means also for me no water......
Thanks to all the guys which worked hard during the last days to repair the network. Hopefully the same will not happen again tomorrow.

You will learn to prep. Fill empty fridge and freezer space with water bottles, always have some supplies on hand, have an alternate heat source. Dollar stores are a great source for cheap large containers for water unless you can repurpose soda/milk bottles. Please do not forget pets, wild life, friends and neighbors. Have a network of support. We have used the hot tub for non-drinking water.

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