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I am considering shipping my household goods to Dar es salaam (Tanzania). I am still hesitant if  whether it makes sense to ship or buy new there. Please let me know prices of any furniture you might have bought in Dar es salaam or surroundings (Kigamboni).
What would be a reasonable price for a

- queen size bed with a good mattress
- a bunk bed with good mattresses?
- a table with 8 or more chairs?
- man bicycle
- child bicycle
- child tricycle
- youth bed with good mattress
- a sofa bed
- storage drawer
- storage dresser

I know it depends on the quality, etc but feel free to just name some prices and websites so I can get a sense of the costs.

Thank you very much.

Check this City furniture, empress furinture, Tera(Turkish ) furniture and Royal furniture ,check those and you will get best furni at a reasonable price

Thank you. Most of them tend to not post price online. This is a pity for those who are not in the country but would like to get some more information.

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