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Hi My name is Jaykar nationality indian and working in dubai. I will transfer to work in Malaysia and i have driving licence of United Arab Emirates. Can i drive a rental car in Malaysia with my UAE driving licence ? How long it takes to get Malaysian driving licence ?

It would probably be best to drive on an International DL here.

Thanks for quick response Gravitas. So it means if i have IDL i can drive any car in Malaysia & Singapore ?

Yes but I don't think you will be able to take a car hired from Malaysia to Singapore. You would need to check this out with the company what type of insurance they have

OK , my company is trasfering me from Dubai to Malaysia. I have a wife and 3 years old daughter. Our company location is Gelang Patah in Johor Bahru City. I have been once there only but now my company wants me to work there. Can you please suggest which place is good to stay with family in JB which is easy access to Gelang Patah. We are Indians and Vegetarian. It will be easy to find Veggy Food in JB ? Is there any hindu temple near JB ? How much it will cost to rent 1BHK fully furnished including electricity water etc etc ?

I've sent you a link to a FB group which may be helpful.

Check on and for accommodation in the area of choice

There will be plenty of vegetarian food and temples. This link may put your mind at rest … hor-bahru/

Utilities depend on use. You should count on spending about RM500 to include moderate use of electricity and internet. If you use lots of aircon the bill can be RM1500 upwards.

Thanks can you please suggest how i can find a room for myself near by gelang patah or in johor bahru please? is mainly for rooms but some whole apartments are also sometimes advertised. has a rooms section as well.

Hi Can u please tell me % of tax on salary ranging from RM 10K - RM15K ? in Malaysia.

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