Argh, Swedbank and Skatteverket!!

I moved to Sweden from the UK just over a month ago, and recently received my personnummer (took nearly 4 weeks!). Finally I was able to open a bank account, which I did on the day my personnummer arrived. Firstly, Swedbank, at least the one near me in Mölndal, remind me of the sloths in the film "Zootopia".

After opening my bank account, I was told that it had been created under a temporary "client ID" and not my personnummer, since I don't have a Swedish ID Card! An EU passport is apparently not enough! Fortunately my fiancee, a Swedish national with a Swedbank account can make the payment to Skatteverket for me, otherwise I would be in a situation where I could't pay Skatteverket for the ID because I can't transfer money from my Swedbank account, but I can't transfer money because I don't have a Mobile Bank ID which only comes with having your account associated with a personnummer, which I need an ID card for!

Just wondered if anyone can advise here? Have I been given incorrect information by Swedbank? It wouldn't be the first time...

Well, I dont think they are wrong since you need to prove who the "swedish you" are.
You can call them instead on the central number and ask. Look at their website for it.

There is other ways of paying taxes however. If you got the accountnumber of your taxaccount you can transfer to it from your bankaccount, for example. Ask Skatteverket and/or Swedbank. Or just do it through the miss. The latter is probably easier.

You could have used your "native" bank account from UK and paid to the skatteverket bankgiro account. You can even use 3rd party transfer services like transferwise etc.
Did you explore that option?

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