Pula or Zadar: Cost of living for 2 expats

Hello guys!

I'm a hotel management student from Portugal and together with my girlfriend, we are planning to do an internship in Pula or Zadar for 3 months. Is 1000€ enough to live comfortably in any of these cities?

We don't want anything fancy when it comes to accommodation, a studio is more than enough, but we do want it to be in the city center where most of the hotels are.

We don't smoke or drink and we don't like going out, but we enjoy having a meal in a restaurant from time to time.

Thank you!

Hi Inexpert,

I would suggest checking out expatistan or numbeo to run comparisons, including comparisons to your city in Portugal, and keep in mind when the time of the year makes a huge difference. I'm not sure about Zadar, but Pula was very quiet around the end of February last year.

If you were coming to Split I would say you'd need to live outside of the center and/or city and shy away from mixed drinks on the Riva. (Split is expensive!)

Good luck!

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