Health Check for Saudi Arabian Work Visa as a United States citizen

Greetings everyone.

My family and I have accepted a job offer in Saudi Arabia, and I am now facing the task of preparing for my visa. The health check seems to be rather difficult to set up, as most US clinics/hospitals do not understand what it is I am even asking for. As a relatively eloquent English speaker, I must admit I am perplexed.

For those of you here who are US citizens and have undertaken this process recently, would you mind answering the following questions?

1. Where (specifically) you got your health test done?
2. How much did it cost?
3. How long did the results take to get back to you?
4. How long after submitting your documents for the visa did it take to actually get it?

If I have forgotten to ask something you feel I should know, please feel free to add onto my list.

I apologize for my ignorance of this process, it is rather overwhelming.

Kind regards,

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