Hello everyone I'm new here I'm David I'm 28 years old I don't currently have my bachelor's degree in anything just yet but working on it.  (Different priorities in life).  I was wondering what careers in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam that are high in demand just so once I do finish school I can try to find a job in Ho Chi Minh City as soon as possible.   
I fell in love with Vietnam the first time I visited this year to meet my family that I haven't met for 28 years and a potential marriage love interest.  I want to work my way to get to where they are and wanting to get more information on how to do so.
If you have any ideas anyone please let me know.

Hello, David. Welcome to Vietnam. Your English writing is pretty good and there is a high demand for English teachers in Vietnam. Even though you do not currently have a bachelors or certification to teach English, if you speak Vietnamese this might help you land a teaching job or find a staff job in one of the hundreds of English centers. I can only guess at what other high demand jobs might be available. My guess would be in the field of technology and, perhaps, the building trade. I hope this helps. Good luck!

Hello Dan!
I've done well in my years here in Canada for my English courses.  Thank you for your compliment.  I spoke to my University in Winnipeg, Manitoba and they said I can take online long distance courses to get my Bachelors.  I'm doing my TESOL Certification in May 2018 as a start.
I do speak Vietnamese as well but it's closer to the Beginner to intermediate level.  Certain words I don't use at home when I speak to my mother.  I'm self teaching myself currently as much as I can and it's not too difficult since I have the basics handled.   How would I apply for such a position at an English Center?  I would like to start applying once I do earn my TESOL certification and be there as soon as possible.  I believe the field of technology would be right up my alley. 
Thank you again for your input definitely has opened my mind a little more on what to do

Hello again, Dave. You could try looking some up online and applying that way but I think your best bet is to wait until you have your feet on the ground here and just walk in.

You can learn about teaching jobs throughout Vietnam here:

but as drutter suggests above, it's best to  wait until you arrive and see everything in person with your own eyes before agreeing to anything.

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