After having just relocated to Paphos City, I am already disgusted by all the trash that I see not only in the streets but also along the coastline, from the harbour all the way up to lighthouse beach (such a great name, what a flop though)

But I am not here for the bla-bla. I wonder if I can manage to find at least 50 locals/residents to help me clean up the coastline. Someone needs to do this. If the city isn`t capable of doing this, then we need to act by ourselves . It is a lot of plastics to remove, as colorful as a pack of m&ms. Just so sad. But how much nicer will the area be once all garbage is eliminated? MUCH NICER!

So who will raise his/her butt and join me?


A great idea... we do something similar in the Peyia St Georges and Coral Bay area and have a number of regular supporters of this - May i suggest going via the Paphos Expat Circle group and Ask Anything plus Where Why How Paphos Facebook Groups tho  = you will get a lot  more interest than here -  -this is a very quiet blog and rarely do we get a lot of replies lots of readers but very few contributors..... am 100% sure you wil be successful there rather than here as sad as that is

Good idea, thanks Toon!


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