contract papers not recieved from company

hello guys my name is faizan shah n i work here as electrical & instrumentation engineer in private company.i joined this company 3 months ago..i got offer letter and signed it but later i was told to sign contract papers in which i didnt agreed to some clause like (they want me to do any kind of job irelevant to my field n post) its been 2 months i m working here with out signing contract there any prblm in that???

They might gonna put your monthly salaries on hold and won't release it, not until you sign the contract, or maybe they can just fire you and hire someone who is willing to sign that contract. (just saying, I'm giving you the worse consequences you can get, and let's hope both of these will never gonna happen)

Good luck

I want them to terminate me but they r not doing that bcz salary is too low...but tge prblm is will it (not signing contract) create any prblm when i m abt to take exit aftr 2 years

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