Cheapest way of getting to Morocco

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I'm in London and was wondering if anyone could advise me the cheapest way of getting to Morocco. I saw that flights to Marrakesh are over £100 but once I saw a flight from Seville (Spain) to Fes for £9 one way, £18 RT. A flight to Seville would be less than £45, so the whole flight could have been had for just over half price if I included a stop over.

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Take Ryanair from London to Marrakesh, it's for £21.74 Righnow.. Ah, Avoid travel in Weekends.

Sorry, which airport would that be? I cannot see anything for cheaper than £33 for just the return flight

LTN (Luton Airport) to RAK ( Marrakesh Menara Airport ).

Also stansted to marrakech and Rabat Ryanair
Luton to essouria easyJet
Luton to marrakech easyJet
British airways go from Gatwick to marrakech from about £50 , these flights are at better times such as 9am, 2pm rather than 6 or 7am which is usual times for the other mentioned flights. Take into account getting to the airport the British airways could be best value for money or at least you don’t feel ill getting to an airport at 3am

Are you a strong swimmer?


Goldkhalifa :

Are you a strong swimmer?

Could jet ski from Spain, what's the legal procedure for entry into Morocco? Hehe

If you can ski from Spain to Morocco you will find me waiting for you in Rabat

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