Clarification required in Moving to Oman with Family

Dear all

I am from India but currently resident in UAE on employment visa.

i have got good offer from OMAN and planning to move along with my family.

Please let me know if i can bring family along with me tourist VISA and later i can convert it to family visa without exiting country.

please note this options are available in UAE but not sure about OMAN.

Please guide .

Hi sudhan841,

The employment processes and procedures for expatriates in Oman are highly regularised, systematic and closely monitored - to the point of being vexatious.

For instance, an expatriate is disallowed from doing anything official directly. Every little thing has to be routed only through the expatriate's employer / sponsor only. No direct dealings. Ever.

If you can manage to get a tourist visa for your family, they can travel along with you. If your employer is willing to immediately apply for and get your family their dependent visa, and if your employer allows for their visas can be transferred, then they can.

Suggest you read through the many other informative posts already available on the forum for you to get a better idea of how things work across the border.

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