How to renew Driving License

My driving license is going to expire in 40 days how to renew it?

gust go to
sign in with your account
ask for renew
it will be sent to your home
before this pay the fees through ATM

hi.dears. pls. guide how to renew driving license and how many days before expiry can i renew my license..

awaiting reply. thankyou.

1) Please do your medical test from government registered hospitals, poly clinics where they can update your test record in government system. E.g. Safwa Makkah poly clinic in Hara can do the test in the afternoon/evening. They charge 84 Riyals for this nowadays. You will receive message on your mobile phone once the record is updated. Please remember to carry your company registration number if you are doing a job in any company else provide your kafeel iqama number.
2) Please log into your account MoI website (Jawazat).
3) In parallel, pay your driving license fee online through your bank account.
4) Press renew your driving license through MoI website.
5) Keep pressing next on each step. If your medical test is completed and payment is already made then you will immediately reach a step that your license is renewed.
6) You will get an option to pick your new license from any driving test center or delivered at your address. If you can speak good arabic and you can be available at your mentioned address at the time of delivery which is around 2-3 working days then it is good to get it delivered as its hassle free. Else you have to pick up your license within 7 days from the renewal date from any driving test center.
7) If you are picking it up yourself, take your iqama and old driving license with you. They will check your iqama, take your old license and provide you with new license within minutes.

Good luck!

thank you dear for the detail process..

my license is still about to expire 2 months remaining can i renew it before expiry?

last that i knew, you go to a driving school , which issues and renew, you should have an iquama and bank account and you go through your bank portal to pay the renew license , then take the reciept with you to the school, and they will give you a new license. last that i knew, you could buy a license  for 1 year or multiple years , up to 10 years, or it could be 5 years.

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