All things Dubai

Hi all!

I am moving out to Dubai next month, I have no work but I plan to come out and find work. My current area of employment is events and marketing!
Am i best off trying to find a job before I come, or is it easier to find work once there? Should I also bring any specific documents or get anything attested before I come?

I know i can't get a visa/bank account or medical insurance so without a job so i would love to try secure something in the first month of arriving. I have applied for so many jobs and heard nothing back which is really frustrating.

Please can people be honest- I am going to be living with my boyfriend, what is the likelyhood we will get into trouble? We do not have time to get married, and the cost of Dubai is too expensive for us to rent a place each in reality.

Any tips on moving to Dubai is really helpful as I have never moved out of the UK before.
Is it easy to make friends as I am really worried that it will be lonely!

Thanks in advance for all of your help and advice.

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