Moving to Nicosia

We will be moving to Nicosia soon.
Can we receive advice on:

1.    Average cost for a unfurnished house/flat with 3 bedrooms and a private garden (we have 2 dogs and a cat that needs the garden) within 30 mins drive from Strovolos

2.    Any recommendation on real estate agent? Or is there another more effective way to look for potential rentals?

3.    How do we go about on purchasing used cars?

Many thanks in advance
Karen & Graham

Any advice, folks?

HI, I can see your post was a month ago and perhaps you found all the information you were looking for already.

1. Housing rates are ridiculous at the moment compared to the quality you get but if you choose to reside in the suburbs of Nicosia, you can find decent houses with a garden for about 600 euros per month. You can find such properties in villages around like Dali, Lympia, etc.

2. Agents like and are great but since Cyprus online is operating mostly on Facebook, it's better to check any rentals or sale property on Facebook such as this group:

3. Again, Facebook groups like: or are better than checking newspapers and other listings. And do not ever go to a car dealer because since you don't speak the language, you may overpay

Good luck!

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