International calls between Vanuatu and Australia

Hi all,

I'm just looking to see if anyone has any suggestions regarding international calls between Vanuatu and Australia. 

I currently operate a small business in Perth, Western Australia and i'm considering moving to an outer island of Vanuatu for a year or two. I need to have a reliable phone to contact my team and clients back here in Australia, does anyone have any recommendations for how to achieve this?

There is a catch, I will need to receive calls made by my clients to a standard Australian mobile number. Unfortunately travel sims and the alike I have seen don't have coverage in Vanuatu.

Any input would be appreciated!

Skype has local number service in many countries that go direct to your phone or computer regardless of where you are.

Cheap and easy, as I know from experience.

Cheers Fred. I'll check it out.

Did you find it had any delay in connecting at all?

I use skype several times a week and get quite a few calls via my Sheffield, UK number, the vast majority being fine but there is some slight delay caused by distance between the UK and Indonesia.
It's minor an usually not really noticeable so never been much of a problem.

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