Changing from Working (Z) Visa to Student Visa

Hey people,

I'm currently employed at DUFE (a University as an English teacher) but want to change over to a full-time Chinese Language studying programme (scholarship) in July 2018.

I keep being advised that I need to return back to my home country (NZ) as a part of the application process.

Could anyone advise any possible clues or ways to avoid flying back?

Best regards,

Don't know, but have you called your embassy for advice? 

Do you have to return to NZ?  Or you can make shorter journey to Hong Kong?

Good luck.

It's unusual to go from a Z-visa to a tourist visa.

I switched out my Z-visa to Q2 spousal visa in Thailand without any trouble.  For a tourist visa you will not need to go back home.  Though I do think that you would need to go to an embassy in another nation. Think of somewhere close. HK however stopped offering this service.  Think Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, of Thailand.

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