Phnom Penh airport train to start on April 10

Good news for those that are often stuck in traffic when traveling from the city center to the airport.

From April 10 on there will be a train service connecting the airport with Monivong Boulevard station, a ride of 10 km that will be done in 30 mins or less.

The first 2.5 months there will be no fares, after that fares will be lower than tuk tuk or taxi fares.

Obviously it will reduce traffic congestion and shorten the travel time to and from the city center.



As planned the airport shuttle from PP center to the airport has started on Tuesday April 10.

Attached the first photo of the shuttle train. Details as described in the earlier post.

Not attached as technically not possible, but here the link to see the photo. … k=LHnqKQOB


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