Help is Appreciated

I am looking for a job anywhere in the Philippines, preferably near Cebu and Bohol but anywhere will do.  I have an extensive and successful work history in contracts, administration, management, customer service and sales. Please contact me if you can offer suggestions or help of any kind!! I would be coming from the US. Thank you!!!

Hang on to your job in the US until you can locate something positive for yourself in the Philippines.   Look for work in US companies that have a branch office or some relative business here in the Philippines.  In nearly all cases,  Filipinos will be hired first here.  You are the alien!   Furthermore, you will be advised not to come to the Philippines and begin blindly looking for employment !
I am curious.  Why would you want to work in a hot tropical country, where you commute 3 hours each day, are paid $300.00 per month, and work 9 hours a day for 6 days a week?  Is she worth that much?

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