Renew visa for maid

Hello everyone,
I moved to KL last year and my maid visa should be renew in may. Does anyone can please suggest me any agency who can help me with that and of course trustable ? Since the prev agency seems not capable in handling maid work permit. I got 1 agency maidstation. Does that one has good review?
Thank you.

You can do it online through MYeg

I did, but they say its only for Malaysian.

You can do the renewal yourself once your maid has had her medical. Normally the employer can either take care of bringing in a maid (when the lead person has an employment pass) or can suggest who could help.

Otherwise perhaps the employer who processed your immigration passes can suggest a reliable agent - I know this one … plication/

If your maid is from the Philippines here is a list of agencies … -agencies/

Thank you for your information. I found an agency and they can help. I just waitin for the Fomema process now. 😉

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