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Hey Guys,

My friend from China is currently here in Saigon and shes looking where to play tennis and for people to play tennis with.

All those that are interested please let me know, thanks


I do have a tennis court in my residence (district 2) and looking for players...please contact me via PM


I am happy to play, especially on weekends. I am a 4.0 and willing to play doubles or singles. contact Steve at ***

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I would like to play especially weekends. I am a 4.0 and will play singles or doubles. Contact Steve

You can find many tennis partners in Saigon on the website


I would be interested to play but I am new myself so I don't know (yet) where to play.



Just read your message.

I am new to this forum and HCM.
Are you still looking for people to play tennis with as I would be interested?


Hi Steve,

Just read your message.

Are you still looking for people to play tennis with? I am new to this forum and HCM but keen to play some tennis (I am not a 4 by the way, more a 7...😬).

Let me know if you're interested.


What part of HCMC are you living in?

Currently still temporarily in D1 but most likely will move to D2.

Tam-I live in Binh Thanh. I have played at a place on the edge of Dist 1 but you need a reservation and they don't have a website. I will go there this weekend again and see if I can reserve a court. When do you want to play?

Ok great.
Let me know if reserving a court is an option.

In HK this weekend though could play most likely Mo or Tue eve. You?

I work afternoons/evenings so weekends the only option for me, unless early in the morning.

Let's start with a weekend first, not my favorite part of the day yet, early early morning :)

Tam-I could not figure out how to reserve a tennis court. However, I have played at the courts located at 55 Nguyen Thi Minh Kai (dist. 3). Just behind the water puppet show theater. You have to pay one of the "pros" who reserve most of the courts. It's cheap (about 350,000 Vd per hour).
I have a date to play with one this Saturday at 1 pm. If you want to come then, maybe we can split an hour with him. With the heat, 30 minutes of intense tennis is enough  for me.
Otherwise, you might try your luck on a website called global tennis network. There are a few players listed there.
Sorry I don't have better news. It's frustrating.

I am interested in playing tennis but I don't know where to play.  let me know if you have room for me.  thanks.


Hi Steve,

Thanks for your reply and your effort so far.
Sorry for my late reply, I was traveling.

Great, I will join you this Saturday at 1pm.
On a separate note, I used the Dutch tennis levels so I am not a professional tennisser 😬, fyi.
Hope you still keen to play :)


Hi Yong,

Thanks for your reply and good to hear you're open to play as well.

I haven't played any tennis yet here.
Where do you live?


Ok see you then

Yong-It's hard to find a court. If I figure out how, I will let you know. Steve

its hard for ur guy to find the free court around here especially in center dist; if ur guy can gather the info (exactly time, day...) then maybe I can help ur guy with this; I am also play tennis and wanna play it on daily time but its seem hard to find partner who wanna play in daily time here.

I could play early morning during the week or on weekends anywhere you can find a court.

most of the court here was booked in a gold time like from 5AM-9AM; 15PM to 22PM; so its really hard to find; if u wanna play from 5-6am then u just only look for a group which play on that time to join;

Thanks for the info, much appreciated.

I am not sure if I am that committed yet (to be honest) to play at 5am...I am willing to try 7am (but I guess I am not the only one..) or just need to find a place with a tennis court :)

Tam-IF you are still coming tomorrow, I think we will be on court 7. I will be the old guy in an orange shirt. Steve

hello all,
sorry I haven't been able to get online this past week due to family emergency.  if anyone wants to meet up for tennis or if you have a court and need a player, please call me up.  my number is *** 


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there is a guy name Felipe - who said to me "Would you be interesting to play early on morning in quite place in District 1 from 6 to 7 am ? " and I said I cant; then iam asking for his contact to pass it here to all of you who can join him.

If anyone living in around district 7 then could join with me I am playing Monday to Friday 7am to 8am, I have partner as my teacher. If anyone interesting to join with me then pm me.

*** is the one who name filippe and he can play from 6am-7am, u guy can contact him

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who interestin playing around 6am to 7am in dist 1 message me pls

I live in D2 and my condo area has 2 tennis courts.  I’m still waiting for my household goods shipment to arrive which includes my tennis racquets, but I would be keen to find some players to play with.  I’m a bit rusty but can return the balls ☺️  Message me if someone is interested to play.

Hello Oanh,
I am interested.  Please keep posted when you get your racquet and ready to play.  Thank you :)



I am still looking for the partner who can play at 6 am Monday to Friday at District 7


Any one can join me playing tennis from 9am -12am? Bthanh dist

Hi John,
What day?  I think you meant from 9am - 12pm right?  bc 9am - 12am is a long time to be playing tennis lol.  pls let me know.


From that time court is free then we can book to play Yong; from monday to friday I can play. Inbox me ur contact then we can chat to discuss more.


Cuong Vu

I am still looking for the Tenies partner at district 7 who can play Monday to Saturday at 6 or 7 am. I have already available court at this time.


Am looking for partners. Haven't played for a while but do have a tennis court in my residence (District 2), Could be weekend or evening after 7 PM. Please PM me, Thanks.

If play in evening then how much we have to pay/hour?

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