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Hi guys
I'm am Australian and currently looking to relocate to Egypt for 6-12 months....what is approximately the average price to rent a 2 bedroom apartment (furnished) in a good area, I'm thinking somewhere in or around Heliopolis..

Also whats everyone's thoughts on finding work once I'm there? Much easier than trying to do it from other country?

Thanks for your help
Candice :)

i live maadi. There are many foreigners living and it is one of the good areas.
I think it is expensive for foreigners once.
funished two bedroom house would be a good place for $ 300 to $ 500.
For advice, search on Facebook.

You can try   Cairo Egypt craigslist.org
You will  find many accommodations' offers.

Also, you can try craigslist.org to find a job or to post an ad.

Good luck

i think you can find here


in helioplis area and masr el gidida the average rent price for 2 room apartment in good area is about 8000 egyptian pound per month

i advise you to search for the job first ......... before considering moving to egypt for a long time ..............  may be you can consider visiting cairo for short period to check about life style , and job avilabilities  ,.......... then , if it is fine with you , consider moving for a long time :)

Renting hurghada cheap. I found nice resort hotel for 2000 pound a month. for 6 months great deal and new room .


Would you please tell me more details about that hotel, which is located in Horghad.
Like its name, address, phone number, email address.

Have a good time in Egypt.


Hello Han yes there website is rentinghurghada.com
I found place in sahl hasheesh on the red sea

Hello, Matthew

Thank you so much .


Hello Matthew,
Are you adjusting well. I’ve visited to Hurghada five times and rented a buffet flat called Florenza. Probably would stay there again to look for a longer period of time place. Just wondering if you are faring well or feel a little isolated. I hope you are doing good

Hello Mahmound Yes all is well here in sahl they have many activities I like the Massages around here and goin to the beach alot. Sometimes at night I go to dowin town and walk. When are you thinking of coming back to this beautiful place?

Hello Mattyah

Can you tell me the name of the place where you have stayed in Sahi Hashish and the monthly rental


Hi MattYah
Just trying to figure out things . Probably by first of year. I’d like to stay to rent monthly and travel back for a few months then return . I know travel to Europe and Greece is so cheap to explore while living there. Wanting to know what company supplies WiFi and I know Orange is the cell I believe. Thank you

Are you working or met other expats there?

Good morning yes I heard and seen it is cheap to fly out to Europe.  I never been yet. Maybe one day haha. But yes they have a few options on network services, when I first got here I hadon't Etisalat emerald but they kept charging more and more every month with no explanation, so I decided to change to to orange so far so good. But also have Vodaphone, and a company called we.

Thank you... I read you can keep your phone number also is that true.  Have you met other ex pats there for support and how long have you been there? Thank you have a good day:)

I recently just read that about keeping your existing number somewhere to but I think it's kinda difficult if I remember reading. It's actually really cheap to get a sim card and number, and I use apps such as fb messenger, viber, whatsapp to communicate with my friends and family overseas. Hope this helps answer your question have a bless day or morning in america (:

And also the expats I have talked to mostly stay in cairo.

I would definitely stay in Hurghada first because I’m most comfortable there knowing my way around. I really don’t care for Cairo too much because do crowded but would go visit the museums and take time to look more. I’d like to visit Alexandria and Luxor too. Have you been there awhile... thanks

I wish I would of came here to hurghada first before I spent a month in cairo it is a lot different. Less hectic that's forsure. But I did get to experience things in cairo went to a couple museums, Nile river rides, and talked to a lot more people. Maybe after my time in hurghada I might visit luxor I hear wonderful things about it.

Hi MattYahu
So are u planning to live in Egypt for like 6 months and did you have to sign lease or just pay monthly I think is cheapest.... because of the visa do you have to leave the country and come back. I’d like to know how long to wait to come back into Egypt to get 6 months more. My plan is to come for like 4 months return to USA for like 2 months on that cycle. Thank u for your help

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