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i need help and advice please, i'am working in KL since 10 years on a DP10 Visa , reached my 10 years renewal and tryed to extend for a 11 th years but it seem immigration law as changed, and i can't extend to 11 th years.
I have been told i have to exit and close my visa with check out memo, witch i will do and exit this 30 th march to manilla .


1- can i do a calling visa and process just after exit or i have to wait a cooling period ?

2- if cooling period whats it is 3 months or 6
months ?

3- any tip to come back faster or there is no
miracle !

4- whats is the length of process for calling visa 1 months up to 3 ?

5- do there is any taxes clearance paper to do on a DP 10 visa or the agent will do in a check out memo ?

thank you for your kind advice



You will need to do a full tax clearance and your employer will need to rehire you under the current PP/EP rules.  Your tax record is required when being hired again.

Immigration approval (VAL) is taking an average of 4 months but if the company applies for the VDR (calling visa / visa with reference) at the same time then there should be no additional approval time (except the time it takes for you to collect the visa in Manila). 

There is no "cooling off" period required for salaries above RM5000 per month. There has been a change in the Categories of PP/EP and there are now three. Salaries below RM5000 now fall into Category III (2500-4999) and that category does have a cooling off requirement of 3 months.


Thank you for your reply .

for taxes clearance my agent say there is no need as there is a minimun income taxes for report and my salary is 2,2k months net thank you


Correct - the minimum level to start paying tax is RM 34,000 per annum after EPF deductions

So you know your position your company could submit an application in which the 90 day cooling off period is shown clearly as the proposed start date of your new contract.


Thats great help & Great answer thank a lot.

by exit Malaysia on a 30th of march , to my point of understanding the agent can re submit just  after my exit a calling visa with a starting date at the end of my 90 days cooling period time, its mean by hiring on a july 1th do i am right ?

Thank a lot


The Visa Approval Letter and the VDR authorization are required.

Your agent should advise you regarding arrangements for the cooling off period because your salary is now below the minimum for a DP10 application. The minimum is RM3000. This will affect how you can be hired in Malaysia.

Page 23 - https://esd.imi.gov.my/portal/pdf/TC-ES … r-2017.pdf

My current agent say ( call him this morning) he can't do a calling visa due to no "outsourcing visa " my question is do any other agents different can do a calling visa ? or do any other visa type can process ?  or do my company can make a calling visa without go by agents ? thank you

The calling visa is the reqirement to enter Malaysia to work.

The Visa Approval Letter from either the employer or outsourcing company is also required.  Sounds like you need a job offer.

Other visa type is Foreign Work EP.

ok Thank


To my knowledge, Malaysia has had a 10-year rule and I know several expats who were denied new visas after they reached the limit. The rule wasnt 10 years, it was that a 2-year visa couldnt be renewed more than five times.

Is there anyone here who can report that after reaching the limit and then being denied, were able to return after a cooling-off period (or any other kind of period) and start new or continued employment all over again?

Im less interested in what published guidelines there are, im more interested in expats' actual experience and what Immigration actually did.


Good day,

Seeking for a help and guideline to process the visa for my younger brother.
The employer is willing to do the legal process of working visa, Unfortunately they are not aware of how to process the Philippine passport holder as the most of their employee is from Myanmar.
It is a great help for someone can give a guide line for us to advise the employer how to start the visa process for Philippine passport holder.
Thank you in advance and look forward for the advise.

Best regards
Alfredo FS

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