Exchange rate

Hello! guys will you please suggest the best bank to exchange some dollars in the Noi-bai airport? In Bangkok superich bank gives the exact exchange rate so far.  thanks.

Exchange your money before you go to Noibai airport.  The airport banks know that Vietnamese Dong is difficult to exchange outside of Vietnam, so you are never going to get a good rate.  Also, in Vietnam, the banks have the worst/lowest exchange rates, street and market exchanges are better - but check for counterfeit bills.

Banks and gold shops seem to be on par these days. Gold shops used to be much better, but not these days. Maybe its different in Hanoi, but not here in the south.

There is a street where all the shops there they exchange foreign currency. I do not  remember exacyly where but around Hoan Kiem erea. You should ask some Vietnamese you know. Most of them should know about this street. If not, ask them to Google it! Rate is alway the best you ever get.

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