Family Visa

Could anyone let me know that in case a family visa application is rejected by the LMRA, can we apply for a visit visa for that family member instead? Or is there a minimum period only after which we will be able to apply for the same.

You can apply for a visit visa. 

It depends on why the application was rejected.  If it wasn't a serious matter, the suggestion is to re-apply vs. applying for a visit visa as to convert the visit visa into a residence permit would take longer.  Also not cost effective.

If it was a serious matter like a security rejection then the visit visa would also not be approved.

Hi I was on my family visa I took no n work outside later terminated from job. Can I apply to be on my family visa again. My husband works in ministry.

Yes you can be sponsored by your husband on a family visa.

Thank you for the response. :)

Thank u as I took admission for our child in school it's difficult to move out of bahrain right now and I love to stay in bahrain.

As per the new rule of BD400 requirement for family status, is it also applicable for issuing a visit visa also?

Not to my knowledge

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