Working for a IT consultant- 2 year bond/contract after training

My friend is being offered a job in a IT consulting firm and they told him that he will trained by them for 8 weeks and then offered a chance to demonstrate their ability to a client. there is a 2 year contract/ bond that this consultancy is asking him to sign in order to take this training they are offering. the client could possibly hire them but only relieving them from this 2 year bond.

could anyone kindly let me know if this is normal with IT consulting firms ?  do they serve as a good starting point to get a foot into the door ? can this bond be broken easily ?

It is a system that exists in many companies (in any industry) that must train their staff. Too many people have resigned after their training to work in competing companies.

Because of this, the deal is simple. You are paid and trained but you owe us a number of months in return. Or you will be responsible for the full cost of the training.

And if you want to leave before the end of the required period, you repay in advance in proportion to the months you have already worked.

Thank you for your response. To be more clear this seems to be a company that hires people into an academy and then presents these candidates to potential clients. this consultancy company provides a 8 week training sessions.

Out of curiosity, what is the name of this consultancy ?

No idea.  Will ask.

Any idea as to what a minimum base salary to expect for at such consultancy ? I guess Belgium has some minimum wage policy...

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