Your thoughts on a little italian pastry shop

Hi I'll be with my wife in Plovdiv and Varna from 14 to 21 of March. We are evaluating the idea of opening a little Italian (but non only) pastry shop there. We are talking of a little business with very little investment. Maybe perfect for retired people fed up of doing nothing. If there is any interest, just let us know.
Giuseppe Italy

Hello Giuseppe,

Italian pastry shops are actually a good idea, especially if prices are not high. If are passing through Sofia, I can show you one such place. I like it very much and it is close to my office :)

What you will need is :
1. The right place - with many peole passing by
2. Lower rent
3, Good workers

We will pass in Sofia. Let us know how to get in touch with you.

my contact details on PM

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