Working permit

Hi all,

Recently, my employer asked me whether I am okay if they apply work permit (WP) for me, since they're not sure about my S pass application.

But from what I heard, by having WP, it will be much more difficult for me to renew my visa (or upgrading it to S pass), and unless I'm Malaysian, it will just put me in disadvantages by having WP. I'm Indonesian with a degree from Malaysia too, so I think I'm ineligible for WP.

I want to ask is it true that WP is unfavorable compared to S pass? I want to work in Singapore but if the visa is really a hindrance, I feel it is wiser to find another jobs.

Thanks in advance.

If yours is a degree recognised by Singapore, you should get an EP not an S-Pass or WP - and the minimum salary is S$3600/month.
WP is for low or unskilled workers and involves certain restrictions:
- The employer must have space in their foreigner quota and pay a levy to the government for each WP employee. (There are similar, but less onerous rules for S-Pass holders.)
- The employee must live in employer-provided housing.
- The employee has certain restrictions on free movement and personal life (forbidden to get pregnant, must seek difficult to get permission before marrying, etc.)

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